Flat Deck Deliveries

Need to ship an oddly shaped item that won’t fit in a standard truck? Look no further! Our innovative flat deck delivery system can handle items up to 8ft wide, 16ft long, and weighing up to 8000 lbs. Loading and unloading is a breeze, as our flat deck can be positioned on the truck  or on the ground for added convenience Streamline your delivery needs with our comprehensive residential, commercial, and industrial solutions. Our flat bed trucking services guarantee safe and efficient hauling and transportation for all your personal and business requirements. Trust us to deliver outstanding results every time

Flat Deck Deliveries – Your One-Stop Shop for Shipping. Let us handle the transportation of building materials, hot tubs, lumber, equipment, aluminum, shingles, landscape materials, Ikea and Structube boxes, siding, snow plows, bagged soil, sod, granite, pavers, and more. Our flat bed services ensure prompt and efficient delivery every time.

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